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We believe that cooking home-made meals shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t require hours of prep and cooking, and additional time for cleanup. We know that the demands of everyday life leave you with little or no time to cook and eat, and we're right there with you. Whether it is a 2 minute breakfast while you are running out the door, or dinner at 11 PM, we strive to make cooking as painless as possible.


We strive to build exceptional products that fit seamlessly into the lifestyle that you live. We design solutions to make home cooked meals as easy as possible by simplifying the cooking process and eliminating the cleanup. We build products that are painstakingly designed and engineered to delight our customers with a focus on quality and simplicity.

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Bonbowl was started by Mike Kobida in 2019. Mike has over a decade of experience living in dorm rooms, college houses, small East Village apartments, an old Chicago loft with no kitchen and even a boat. To him the struggle to cook is real. Bonbowl was created to cook single serving meals in 15 minutes or less, using ingredients that you can find at your corner grocery store.