Why I started Bonbowl

Bonbowl started in my 400 sq ft apartment, as a way to simplify my life and improve my eating habits. Living in a large city and working long hours has lent itself to many nights of eating dollar pizza or take out food at 9 PM on my way home from work. Despite my best efforts to cook wholesome healthy meals, I found I was only accomplishing this a few times a month and I ended up throwing away more food than I was cooking. This led me to start Bonbowl, out of an effort for easy-to-cook meals that are focused on simplicity, from grocery shopping through post-meal cleanup.

Bonbowl is an all-in-one induction cooking system, designed to cook single serving meals.

The patent-pending hardware is optimal for one serving of food, while creating the least amount of dishes as possible.

The small footprint of the cooktop makes it ideal for kitchens where counter space is a premium, making Bonbowl perfect for small apartments, in the office, or even on the go.

We chose to use induction heating as it is the most power efficient and safest for use in small spaces. The cooktop uses only 500 Watts of power which is less than half of the power of your average microwave. Induction heating is so efficient because it focuses 100% of the energy used on heating your food; not the surrounding area. In addition to efficiency, this key feature keeps the outside of the cookware and the cooktop cool, making it safe to use in small spaces, and also allowing you to pick up the bowl while the food is still hot.

The bowl is designed from 100% clean materials and PFOA free coatings. The high quality materials perfectly pair the needs for high temp cooking with the need for simplicity. Bonbowl is simple to clean, dishwasher safe and the perfect dish for eating out of while working or binge watching Netflix from the couch.

Bonbowl’s innovative hardware is paired with our deliciously simple recipes that are focused on cooking with simple ingredients that you can pick up from your corner grocery store. We all read those cooking blogs, but who is really cooking like that every night? That is where bonbowl comes in: the quick morning breakfast, reheating soup for lunch or a quick late night dinner that isn’t takeout or dollar pizza. Bonbowl is really designed to cook the things you eat most.

I have had a ton of fun developing Bonbowl, and it has earned a permanent place on my kitchen counter. I always said that I wouldn’t release something unless I used it everyday and I can now confidently say that I use it more than any other appliance in my kitchen. I can’t wait for you to try it!

Mike Kobida
Founder of Bonbowl

Bonbowl Cooktop - non-stick
Bonbowl Cooktop - non-stick
Bonbowl cooktop - stainless steel
Bonbowl cooktop
non-stick bowl and lid
stainless steel bowl and lid
bowl with lid

Bonbowl Cooktop+Bowl